Athletic Sod

Coastal Sand Based Sport Sod

Bos Sod is committed to providing quality sod for athletic fields in the coastal regions of BC, WA and OR. Our most popular solution is Coastal Sand Based Sport Sod, which is well suited for sand and soil based fields in the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest.

Growing Medium

This product is grown on 100% pure sand which is brought in for each successive crop. The advantage of growing sport sod on pure sand is that it exhibits excellent drainage characteristics and results in deep rooting. Another advantage of sod grown on pure sand is that it does not cause the layering effect and perched water table issues that result from sod grown on finer textured soils such as clay, silt on sandy loam. Having sod grown on the right medium is foundational to successfully growing grass for athletic use. Upon your request we can provide you with a sieve analysis which shows the particle size distribution.

The Grass


The grass species consists of 75% Perennial Rye Grass / 25% Kentucky Bluegrass, this blend is well adapted to the our west coast climate. A small amount of Kentucky Bluegrass adds stability to the playing surface and provides for a less slippery surface. It is maintained at a mowing height of 30mm (1.25”) forming a dense mat and is bright green in appearance. The thickness of the sod is approximately 15mm (5/8”) and comes in two roll size dimensions. Small rolls come in a convenient 16” width and 90” long, which equal 10 sq.ft per roll. Large rolls come in 48” width and length of 115’, which equals 460 sq.ft per roll.

The Process

Coastal Sand Based Sport Sod is available all year long provided the ground is not frozen, and can be installed year around providing it is exposed to full sun and the traffic can be kept off until establishment. Sand based sport is perishable and needs to be installed promptly upon delivery. We recommend ordering well in advance to secure the availability. After installation sodded areas can put into play as soon as the sod is firmly rooted in and has been mowed twice. The time required for this to take place will depend on the soil temperature, growing environment and the weather. 

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