Golf Course Sod

Golf Course Sod

At Bos Sod we have specialized in sod for golf courses since 1995 with a special focus on greens sod. We have serviced over 350 golf course during this time span and shipping as far north as the Yukon, as far south as the Palm Desert and as far east as Ontario. We prefer to put Quality before Quantity.

Our 120 acre farm is situated in Abbotsford, BC on former lake bottom which was drained in the 1920's. The topography is flat and the native soil is loamy sand. The farm is in an open area with good air circulation and unrestricted sunlight. With a long growing season and good access to water the location is ideally suited to service Western Canada & US at competitive prices.

Sod is available year around unless the ground is frozen, which happens occasionally but typically not for a long time. Bentgrass sod grown at our farm is well suited and fully compatible with regions that have different climatic conditions. Unlike woody plant material such as trees and shrubs, grass continually regenerate their roots, stems and leaf tissue. The newly installed sod will harden off as usual before winter and exhibit normal hardiness.

We are fully committed to servicing the golf course market with quality sod and competitive prices. Let us know how we can serve you!

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