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Frequently Asked Questions  

Is Bos Sod’s bentgrass sod compatible with our climate?

A. Bos Sod’s bentgrass is compatible with all climate zones in Western Canada & US. Bentgrass has roots, stems and leafs that continually regenerate; unlike woody plants such as shrubs or trees which are sometimes not compatible between different climate zones because its roots and truck do not regenerate. Bentgrass will simply harden off in the fall regardless of what climate zone it is growing in, as long as enough time is given for the this process to take place.

What is the growing medium that the sod is grown on?

A. All our greens sod is grown on imported sand and is compatible with “USGA recommendation” based growing media. Please contact our office to have a sieve analysis sent to you.

What is the height of cut when the sod is shipped out?

A. The following are our standard cutting heights:

  • Bentgrass at 5mm (.200")
  • Northwest Poa at 6mm (.240")
  • Sport Sod at 30mm (1.25")

Please contact us to verify specific height of cut, for the particular variety you are interested in. 

How thick is the sod and what are the shipping dimensions?

A. The sod thickness depends on the species of grass, the age of the grass and the cultural practices that have taken place. Typically the thickness of the sod is about 5/8" thick; the best way to know for sure is to call ahead. The dimensions of the small rolls are 16” wide and 90” long, or 10 sq.ft each, and weigh approximately 40 lbs. The dimensions of our large rolls are 24” wide and 115’ long (230 sq.ft.) each and the weight approximately 1,000 lbs. each, depending largely on the moisture content.

How long before our newly sodded area can be utilized for play?

A. Typically for greens newly sodded areas can be put into play between 3–6 weeks of good growth. Several factors play a role in determining the time it requires for a newly sodded area to come into play. These factors include: soil temperature, watering practices, the amount of stress the sod is exposed to either mechanically or environmentally, amount of sunlight it receives, cultural practices, fertility and the desired height of cut which is acceptable to the end user.

How far in advance do I need to order?

A. For sod that we have in inventory we typically recommend 5 business days notice, however if less notice is given we will try to accommodate your time schedule. Our delivery window in most areas is from Tuesday to Friday. We do not ship over the weekend.

How far in advance do I need to order custom grown sod?

A. Generally speaking the more advance notice that is given to us, the better we can accommodate your needs. To grow sod to maturity we need between 12-18 months notice.

How much extra sod should I be ordering?

A. If you measured accurately, you may want to order 2% extra for cutting and trimming. Virtually all the rolls you receive should be in usable condition.

Who arranges the transportation?

A. Typically we would arrange the transportation, as we have standing relations with a variety of carriers who can meet the various transportation needs. However, if the customer prefers, he or she can arrange the transportation and then we recommend that the carrier contact us to co-ordinate a pick up time to ensure that the sod is in good condition at the time of delivery.

Do you ship sod to the USA? Who takes care of the paperwork?

A. Yes, a significant portion of our customer base is located in the USA and therefore we have frequent shipments going there. All the paperwork is taken care of by our office.

Will the sod stay fresh during transport?

A. Yes, for deliveries that are further than 300 km (190 miles) from the farm we primarily utilize temperature controlled trucks, which keep the sod in excellent condition. Most deliveries that take place within 1,000 km (600 miles) from the farm would be shipped overnight for early to mid-morning delivery. Deliveries that take place between 1,000 km and 2,000 km (600-1,200 miles) would be delivered 2nd day in the morning.

Does the truck come with a forklift to off load?

A. Deliveries that take place utilizing our own truck will carry a forklift. Deliveries that take place via custom carriers typically do not carry a forklift. Custom carriers are utilized for the majority of deliveries that take place 300 km (190 miles) from the farm. A forklift rated for 2,400 lbs lifting capacity and a pallet jack are required to be on-site for the offloading to take place; which are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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