Golf Course Sod

Tee & Fairway Sod

Northwest Poa Greens Sod

Consists of: Annual Bluegrass, HOC .250" (6mm)

This product can be used for greens as well as tees on the West coast where there is year around play and where the winters are cool and wet. This product is grown on washed sand and is compatible with USGA greens. Northwest Poa Greens Sod is grown from poa annua plugs, native to the Seattle and Vancouver, BC area. This sod type is suitable for new construction or renovations of golf tees, situated in south west coast region of BC and the west coast areas of the US. 

Coastal Sand Based Sport Sod (Rye/Blue)

Consists of: (75%PR/25%KB) , HOC 1.250" (30mm)
Sports sod is grown on washed sand and therefore has excellent drainage; it has a natural bright green color suitable for high traffic areas such as tee boxes and fairways. The genetically bright green color of this seed mix blends in well with poa annua tees, fairways and roughs. The cutting height is 30 mm (1.250") allowing it to be used for tee boxes and fairways by lowering the cutting height in conjunction with top dressing. This product is grown without plastic netting.

Custom Grown Sod

We can custom grow sod for your golf course's tees, bunkers, fairways and roughs. You can select the species & variety of grass, growing medium, cutting height, and sod thickness in advance to meet your specific needs. We recommend 12-18 months notice for a smooth process to take place. Please contact our office at 1-800-267-7763 or use the information request form for more details.

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