Residential Sod for Greater Vancouver & the Lower Mainland 


Usually one of the last phases to building a new home or renovating a house is landscaping the yard. The lawn is often the final splash of "paint" that makes the canvas of your property complete! Before getting your landscape design completed you may wish to consider some of the following aspects.


Will your new sod (turf) lawn transform your property into a serene setting for your enjoyment or is it mainly an area for children to play? Whatever your end goal is, this will dictate such things as the shape, slope, size and grass type.


How will the lawn function once it has been installed? Is it large enough to meet its recreational purpose? Also how practical is it to mow and water? You may want to avoid really steep, narrow, or curves that are too meandering for practical reasons. Another consideration should be the amount of sunlight you receive; the two most common limiting factors for having a successful lawn are lack of sunlight and inadequate drainage.


How does your lawn complement your home and other features of your landscape environment? Whatever the case your lawn should make your property beautiful. Often too little lawn area will take away from your yard, because there is nothing like green grass! We hope you will have fun establishing your lawn! See the Residential Sod page for the sod we have available.

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