European Chafer Management - A well maintained lawn is the first line of defense.

The more robust root system your lawn has; the better your lawn will stand up to the effects of the European Chafer. We recommend using 4-8" of good draining soil to encourage a deep root system.  In addition make sure that your sub-soil is porous to ensure good sub-drainage, you may want to install drainpipe in the subsoil if the area is flat or if the subsoil is inadequately porous. 

Grass species selection - Perennial Ryegrass  produces deep roots in an appropriate environment and does well in our west coast climate. Tall Fescue has also been considered in our climate however, this grass is much coarser and does not like our wet winters. Because this grass species does not thrive in our climate, the perceived benefit is not realized because it does not produce the deep roots which it does in drier climates. Hence the suitability of this grass species is questionable.

You may also consider biological or chemical control options if permitted in your jurisdiction. See the fact sheet on European Chafer BC for detailed information. ACELEPRYN is a proven effective chafer control product which can be used by a commercial applicators in some jurisdictions.  Grub Bgone is new option available for home owners, which promises to be a good option. 

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