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Ordering Tips

Before you order you want to ensure that your lawn area has been properly prepared. Sod is a perishable product and therefore needs to be installed on the day you take receive it. See the Installing Your Lawn page for tips on how to prepare your lawn before he sod arrives.


We sell our sod by the sq.ft. To calculate your total area make a drawing of your yard and divide it into areas of one of the geometric shapes below. Calculate the individual totals and add them up for your grand total, then add about 3-5% extra for cutting and trimming.


Area of a Triangle

To calculate the area of a triangle multiply the base times the height divided by two.

For example: 20’ X 10’ ÷ 2 =  100 sq.ft.


Area of a Rectangle or Square

To calculate the area of a square or rectangle multiply the length x width.

For example 20’ X 10’ = 200 sq.ft. 


Area of a Circle

To calculate the area of a circle: multiply the Radius X the Radius X  3.14.

For example 10’ X 10' X 3.14 = 314 sq.ft.  

*note radius = 1/2 of the diameter of a circle.

When to order:

We recommend that you order at least 2 business days in advance, however often if you place the order by noon the day before; we can accommodate your request. Our delivery window is from Monday - Friday. Pick up orders are from Monday - Friday and Saturday until noon. All orders must be placed the day before pick up or delivery.


 Call 1-800-267-7763 to order your new lawn!

Delivery days are:

Monday - Friday.

Pick up days are:

Monday - Friday 8.00 AM - 5 PM

Summer (April 1 - October 31) Saturday 8.00-10:00 AM.

Winter (November 1 - March 31) Saturday Closed.

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