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Since 1995 we have produced acres and acres of bentgrass sod, the varieties that have been produced include: Penncross, Providence, Pennlinks, 18th Green, A4, G6, Dominant X-treme, Pure Distinction, 007, Tyee and T1. Below is a listing of the varieties we currently stock.

All our bentgrass sod is grown on sand which is compatible with USGA Greens. Its growing medium has been sterilized to eradicate soil borne diseases and grassy weeds such as Poa Annua. We employ advanced cultural and harvesting techniques and are committed to the highest quality standards build on years of experience.

Sod grown at our farm is well suited and fully compatible with regions that have different climatic conditions. Unlike woody plant material such as trees and shrubs, grass continually regenerate their roots, stems and leaf tissue.  The newly installed sod will harden off as usual before winter and exhibit normal hardiness.


Pure Distinction Bentgrass

Consists of: 100% Pure Distinction Creeping Bentgrass Bentgrass, HOC .200" (5mm)

Pure Distinction is one of the latest advanced bentgrasses. Uniquely bright-green colored, Pure Distinction bentgrass takes the superb attributes of previous bents—dense, upright, aggressive growth, to the next level. It’s the ultimate bentgrass for smooth and true putting greens. Pure Distinction also has exceptionally strong resistance to diseases and outstanding resistance to heat, cold and wear.  (More info)


T1 Bentgrass

Consists of: 100% T1 Creeping Bentgrass, HOC .200" (5mm)

T-1 Bentgrass has been very popular in recent years, it exhibits a dark green color. The high density of this variety of bentgrass makes it more difficult for Poa Annua to invade, while still more manageable then other ultra high density cultivars. (More info


Custom Grown Bentgrass

Are you looking for another variety of creeping bent or colonial bentgrass? We can custom grow the variety and species of your choice on the growing medium of your choice. We require about 12 months notice to grow your sod. Contact our office at 1-800-267-7763 or use the information request button for more information. Put your ideas to work by having Bos Sod custom grow your turf!  


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