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At Bos Sod Farms we are committed to growing top quality sod (turf) products. By taking exceptional care in the growing process: from  selecting the best grass seed and sound cultural practices to modern harvesting techniques.

Coastal Sand Based Sod

We offer residential clients with Coastal Sand Based Sod which is suitable for producing high quality residential lawns. It require reasonably good sunlight, at least 4-6 hours per day. In areas of low light it may be necessary to over-seed in the spring or fall. If you are concerned about a lack of sunlight, we carry a shade supplement seed to be added to the sod at the time of sodding or during regular overseeding times.


Coastal Sand Based Sod is dense, lush and natural bright green in color. It is made up of a Perennial Rye/ Kentucky Bluegrass mixture suitable for the coastal climate. This product is grown on pure sand and therefore has superior drainage. It is also grown without netting reinforcement and therefore is pet friendly.

We recommend our Coastal Sand Based Sod to make your lawn more resistant to damage from the European Chafer . The key to  having a chafer damage resistant lawn is to ensure it has deep roots. In order to encourage deep roots you need a deep layer of well draining soil 6"-8", and in addition you need to ensure your lawn has good sub drainage. A healthy lawn needs regular feeding & proper watering.  If your neighbourhood is prone to having chafer damage, you may want to consider additional chafer control measures.

All our regular sod comes in rolls which are 16 inches wide and contain 10 sq.ft each, this makes it easy to handle. See the Ordering Tips page for measuring tips and when to order.  Get next business day delivery when you order the business day before by noon. For sod pricing and ordering click on the shopping cart or please call 1-800-267-7763.

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